Coagulation products | Current and in the pipeline

Updated charts for products in the pipeline have been uploaded on the CHS website. The CHS publishes four charts, one each for clotting factor concentrates, inhibitor products, non‐factor coagulation products that may prove efficacious in both inhibitor and non‐inhibitor patients, and gene therapy, in order to help everyone stay informed of their progress through clinical trials and regulatory approval.

CLICK HERE to access the pipeline charts.


Also on the CHS website, you can access charts listing all the products currently available to patients. These charts include the following: recombinant factor VIII, factor VIII & von Willebrand factor (plasma-derived), recombinant factor IX, factor IX (plasma-derived), recombinant von Willebrand factor, products for patients with inhibitors, and products to treat rare factor deficiencies.

CLICK HERE to access the charts for current coagulation products.